International Painting Contest   

Category "Classical Painting":
1. Genre picture
2. Landscape
3. Still life
4. Architecture
5. Esotericism and Symbolism
6. Animalistic
7. Synthesis of genres

Category "Abstract Painting":
1. Abstract expressionism
2. Geometric abstraction
3. Conceptual abstraction
4. Futuristic abstraction
5. Experimental forms (synthesis of directions and genres)

Category "Avant-garde painting":
1. Constructivism
2. Cubism
3. Primitivism
4. Surrealism
5. Futurism
6. Expressionism
7. Conceptualism

  International Watercolor Contest   

1. Landscape
2. Architecture
3. Portrait
4. Still life
5. Fauna and wildlife
6. Flora and flowers
7. Water essence
8. Hyperrealistic picture
9. Plein air picture
10. The symbolic picture
11. Thematic composition / storytelling picture
12. Watercolor experiments

  International Graphic Contest   

Category "Classical Graphics":
1. Landscape in a classic style
2. Still life in a classic style
3. Thematic composition
4. Academic drawing

Category "Experimental Graphics":
1. Avant-garde style landscape
2. Thematic composition
3. Abstract composition
4. Computer graphics

Category "Book Graphics":
1. Book illustration
2. Poster
3. Etching

Rules for participation

About the project
Cost of participation
Payment Methods


There are three forms of participation:
1) Personal partiсipationyou visit Vienna and bring artwork in person.;
2) Artwork partiсipationyou ship artwork, we exhibit: the organizing committee transports originals or copies of works to the exhibition-competition to Vienna and back; collection of art objects is carried out in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk and Kiev, see the section "Organizing Committee Contacts";
3) Art print participationyou send file, we print and exhibit; the work is provided in electronic form, the organizing committee prints photographs of competitive art objects, size A3, and places it in a general exhibition.

Registration Dates:

Duration of registration for painting and graphic contests: until January 16, 2020 inclusive
Registration deadlines for the watercolor contest: until January 2, 2020 inclusive.

The competitive program includes:
1) Painting contest
2) Graphic contest
3) Watercolor competition (go to the "Rules for participation in the watercolor competition")


Documents required for participation:
(all participants send the same sets of materials!)

1) Application form (download application form in Word, PDF);
2) Label for each competition entry (download the label in Word , PDF);
3) Personal photo of the author (s);
4) Photos of art objects submitted to the exhibition-contest;
5) Confirmation of registration feepayment (copy of receipt, payment information, etc.):
go to "Registration fee"
go to "Methods of payment of registration fees"

Deadline for participation in the exhibition: January 16, 2020 inclusive
Indicate the surname and initials of the artist and the name of the contest in the subject of the letter, for example, “S. Ivanov Painting".
All registration materials are sent to the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The competitive program includes:
1) Painting contest
2) Graphics contest
3) Pastel contest
4) Watercolor contest

Technical requirements:
1) Technical characteristics of the submitted competitive works:
а) full-time participation: the size of the canvas / sheet / art object up to 80 cm on the larger side (including the frame) and not more than 3 kg .;
b) absentee participation: file not less than 200 dpi, up to 20 Mb
2) An author (a group of co-authors) can submit any number of art objects in any nomination, but each art object (single canvas or series: diptych or triptych) will be evaluated as an independent work;
3) Decoration of competitive works

а) All full-time work should be provided with a label-description (label 7x4 cm., In the lower right corner, on the front side). The label includes: a) the surname, name of the author (co-authors) b) city c) name d) performance technique e) dimensions g) year of creation, e) nomination, g) cost.
b) For full-time participants: each competitive work must have fasteners / hooks for hanging on a vertical panel or fastenings preventing the obstruction of the object.
c) For absentia participants: entries are submitted to the organizing committee in the form of files in .jpeg or .tiff format; not less than 200 dpi, not more than 20 Mb.

About the project "Austrian Art Week"

We invite painters, graphic artists and watercolor artists to take part in the International Exhibition "The Russian Soul in Works of Art".

Rules for participation

During the week, residents and guests of Vienna will be able to get acquainted with the exposition of more than 50 paintings by artists from various cities and regions of the Russian Federation, and artists from Europe, in whose work love and respect for Russia can be traced.

Dates of the exhibition: from January 28 to February 5, 2020.
Opening / Vernissage: January 28, 18:30.
Exhibition Address: Russisches Kulturinstitut Wien, Brahmsplatz 8, 1040 Wien
Exhibition working hours: from 9:00 to 21:00.

Theme of the exhibition: “The Russian soul in works of art”

«The mystery of the Russian soul...»
This cultural phenomenon continues to fascinate and perplex, attract or, on the contrary, disturb many and many... Both outside of Russia and in its vast expanses.
There are as many answers to this riddle as those who are trying to solve it. And much closer to the truth are those who bypass rational paths, favouring labyrinths of emotional and sensual perception.
Art, always more directed not to reason, but to heart, gives unique opportunities to feel and understand the soul of another culture. And find your own right answer. And to see the deep spiritual intimacy behind the external infanticide...

The organizers will try to convey to the audience the splendor and multifaceted nature of the Russian soul in three forms-sections: painting, graphics and watercolor. Each of the sections is an independent mini-exhibition, with its own unique allegoricality and polished meanings. The viewer will be able to feel the solidity of the paintings, the accuracy of graphic sheets and the ease of watercolor sketches - and thereby feel the triunity of the Russian soul.
The aesthetics of the collection, prepared by experts of the Eurasian Art Union, is in tune with the classical canons. The desire of artists not to shock, but to spiritual harmony with the audience will surely find a response in the soul of the Austrian public.

All project participants and works presented at the exhibition are published in the catalog with the same name “Russian Soul in Works of Art”.
The catalog is published in three languages: German, English, Russian. The catalog will be released at the beginning of the exhibition.

The Russian Center for Science and Culture (RCSC) in Vienna is a representative office of the Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and is located in one of the most beautiful buildings in the center of the Austrian capital.
For decades, the Center has been one of the most popular meeting places for all those interested in Russia, the Russian language and culture, as well as Russian compatriots living in Austria.
Various events are regularly organized for the guests of the center, a library, film library, and creative studios are working.
Those who wish to study Russian and German can take advantage of this opportunity in the language center of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Vienna.

Organizers of the exhibition:

Production Agency (NextArt GlobalArtAgency)
Foundation "NextArt"
Russian Center for Culture and Art in Vienna

Exhibition is supported by:
Representation of Rossotrudnichestvo in Vienna,
Eurasian Art Union
Russian branch of the World Fund of Arts 
Exhibition Committee of "WATERCOLORium"

The grand opening of the exhibition “The Russian Soul in Works of Art” will be held on January 28, 2020, at 18:30, in the presence of the director of the Russian Center for Culture and Art in Vienna Dmitry Alexandrovich Sokolov, a representative of the Russian Embassy in Vienna, as well as a number of invited persons - prominent representatives of creative Austrian business community and media.

Art Week in Austria (January 28 - February 5, 2020)

Приглашаем художников-живописцев, графиков и акварелистов принять участие в Междунаодной выставке "Русская душа в произведениях искусства".

В течение недели жители и гости Вены смогут познакомиться с экспозицией более чем 50 полотен художников из различных городов и регионов Российской Федерации, и художников из Европы, в чьем творчестве прослеживается любовь и уважение к России.

Даты прохождения выставки: с 28 января по 5 февраля 2020 года.
Открытие / вернисаж: 28 января, 18:30.
Адрес выставки: Russisches Kulturinstitut Wien, Brahmsplatz 8, 1040 Wien
Время работы выставки: с 9:00 до 21:00.

Тема выставки: «Русская душа в произведениях искусства»

«Загадка русской души»...
Этот культурный феномен продолжает завораживать и озадачивать, притягивать или напротив, тревожить многих и многих... Как за пределами России, так и на ее огромных просторах.
Ответов на эту загадку такое же множество, как и тех, кто пытается ее разрешить. И гораздо ближе к истине те, кто обходит рациональные пути, отдавая предпочтение лабиринтам эмоционального и чувственного восприятия.
Искусство, всегда больше обращенное не к разуму, а к сердцу, дает уникальные возможности почувствовать и понять душу другой культуры. И найти свой верный ответ. И увидеть глубокую духовную близость за внешней инаковостью...

Организаторы попытаются донести до зрителей великолепие и многогранность русской души в трех формах-разделах: живопись, графика и акварель. Каждый из разделов - как самостоятельная мини-выставка, со своей неповторимой иносказанностью и зашифорованными смыслами. Зритель сможет почувствовать основательность живописных полотен, точность графических листов и легкость акварельных набросков, - и тем самым ощутить триединство русской души .
Эстетика коллекции, подготовленной экспертами Евразийского художественного союза, созвучна классическим канонам. Стремление художников не к эпатажу, а к духовной гармонии со зрителем наверняка найдет отклик в душе австрийской публики.

Все участники проекта и работы, представленные на выставке, публикуются в каталоге с одноименным названием «Русская душа в произведениях искусства».
Каталог публикуется на трех языках: немецкий, английский, русский. Каталог выйдет к началу выставки.

Место проведения

Российский центр науки и культуры (РЦНК) в Вене является Представительством Федерального агентства "Россотрудничество" при Министерстве иностранных дел Российской Федерации и размещается в одном из красивейших зданий в центре австрийской столицы.
На протяжении десятилетий Центр является одним из самых популярных мест встреч и общения всех, кто интересуется Россией, русским языком и культурой, а также проживающих в Австрии российских соотечественников.
Для гостей центра регулярно организуются различные мероприятия, работают библиотека, фильмотека, творческие студии.
Желающие изучать русский и немецкий языки могут воспользоваться этой возможностью в языковом центре Российского центра науки и культуры в Вене.

Организаторы выставки:

Продюсерское агентство «Искусство будущего» (NextArt GlobalArtAgency)
Фонд "Искусство будущего"
Российский центр культуры и искусства в Вене
Поддержка выставки:
Представительство Россотрудничества в Вене,
Евразийский Художественный Союз
Российское отделение Всемирного Фонда Искусств
Выставочный комитет "Акварелиум"

Торжественное открытие выставки «Русская душа в произведениях искусства» пройдет 28 января 2020 года, в 18:30, в присутствии директора Российского центра культуры и искусства в Вене Соколова Дмитрия Александровича, представителя Посольства России в Вене, а также ряда приглашенных персон - видные представители творческих кругов, бизнес-сообщества и средств массовой информации Австрии.